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Meet our Family

El Patio has been a Houston staple for fifty years.


Opened in 1964 by Fred and Lena Villasana in Rice Village, the restaurant was eventually taken over by brother Richard Villasana who moved it to its now famous Westheimer location. People began flocking to El Patio because of its authentic Mexican food and good time atmosphere.  In the late-1960s, the Club No Minors opened its doors and El Patio’s reputation as the craziest club in town became well known — especially to those who forgot what they did there the night before!

People say you come to El Patio for the food and the people, you stay for the margaritas, and we agree. Our food is 100% authentic Tex-Mex, incomparable to anywhere else in the city, and our Blue Margarita is nothing you have ever experienced before. (Trust us.)  In 2008, when Houston’s oldest Mexican restaurant Felix closed its doors, El Patio swept in to save their beloved recipes and serves them with pride – especially the Chile con Queso.

In 1996, Richard Villasana passed his love of delicious Tex-Mex, good times, excellent customer service and strong cocktails on to new owners who continue his traditions to this day.

Come in and get the best Tex-Mex in Houston and wash it down with a Blue Margarita. We don’t mess around with our margaritas. There is no comparison.

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